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The labs are located in the Computer Science Building (B1.1, B1.7, B1.4, and B1.7) and the Engineering Building (A1.4, A1.8)
There are over 200 PC available for the students. 
Each lab is equipped with the following technologies: 
  • 25 PCs running Windows 7
  • Minimum 17" LCD monitors.
  • Installed on each; PC Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Visual Studio, NET. Some machines may have additional software installed to meet the demands of particular classes. Each computer has a CD-ROM drive. All the lab computers are connected by Ethernet circuits to the campus network .
  • There is a dedicated server running Windows terminal services which is also available over the network. Using remote desktop, students can connect to one of these servers to get desktop software which is almost the same as the one the saved on the general PCs.
  • Additional installed software; Microsoft Office, Visual Studio .NET, Oracle, Jdk1.6, NetBeans, Rational Rose for UML, Power Designer, MATLAB, SQL server, MYSQL Server , Apache Server.