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Modeling and Simulation

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  • المستوى :
    بيانات المقرر
  • ساعات المقرر :
    3.00 ساعة
  • القسم :
    Faculty of Computers and Information Technology

بيانات المحتضر :

المجال التعليمى :

Apply the basic concepts of computer modeling and simulation to discrete event simulation systems for decision support. Combine general purpose languages such as JAVA and special simulation packages such as OPNET simulator to evaluate the simulation study. Use basic probability concepts such as random variables, mean value, variance and probability distributions. Infer the measures of effectiveness in real systems, and then design an appropriate model to improve the system performance. Deal with different aspects of modeling and simulation applications in industry. Use effectively communication skills. Carry out a self-learning and research in computing and information field. Develop and evaluate the sequence of components related to computer simulation (problem statement, data acquisition, model design, simulation experiment, verification, techniques and methods in different industrial and research applications.

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Modeling and Simulation

This course provides an introductory treatment of the concepts and methods of modeling-discrete-event simulation. The students begin to learn how to do manual simulators with extensive examples through spread sheets. Many mathematical and statistical models are discussed including queueing models. The techniques of random number generation are introduced. The analysis of simulation data are presented including the input modeling, verification and validation models, and output analysis model.

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Modeling and Simulation

نتائج المقرر:

a. Knowledge and Understanding:

1- Describe modeling and simulation of real systems such as queuing systems, inventory models, and reliability and maintainability systems.
2- Explain functional requirements and constrains in a real system by observing the system behavior.
3- Describe different data analysis methods such as mean, standard deviation, regression and hypothesis testing.

b. Intellectual Skills:

1- Analyze and design appropriate input models for simulated systems considering their limitations and constrains.
2- Test and evaluate the functionality of input models of simulated systems using hypothesis testing.
3- Apply and implement simulation models by general purpose language (i.e., JAVA) and a specific simulation package (i.e., OPNET Modular) with in commercial and industrial constrain.

c. Professional and Practical Skills:

1- Use different simulation techniques (i.e., manual and computer based) in discrete event simulation study.
2- Evaluate the quality of designed systems using different simulation experiments (i.e., several scenarios).
3- Create a technical report for simulation phases.

d. General and Transferable Skills:

1- Work the course project in a team effectively and efficiently considering time and stress management.
2- Apply communication skills and techniques to present simulation and modeling tools.
3- Search for information and adopt lifelong self-learning.

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Modeling and Simulation

موضوعات المقرر ومحتواه:

الموضوع عدد الساعات المحاضر عملى /نظرى
Steps of Simulation Study 4 2 2
Simulation Examples 4 2 2
General Principles and Simulation Software 4 2 2
Statistical Models 4 2 2
Queuing Systems 4 2 2
Random-Number Generation 4 2 2
Verification and Validation of Simulation Models 4 2 2
Mid-Term 2
Output Analysis for a Single Model 4 2 2
Comparison and Evaluation or Alternative System Designs 4 2 2
Applications Simulation of Computer Networks: OPNET 4 2 2
Project Presentation 4 2 2
Final Exam 2

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Modeling and Simulation

التعليم والمناهج:

طريقة التعليم
Interactive Lectures including Discussions
Practical Lab Sessions
Self-Study (Project / Reading Materials / Online Material / Presentations)
Case Studies
Problem Solving

منهجية التعليم :

Modeling and Simulation

تقييم الكورس :

طريقة التقييم الوزن النسبى % رقم الاسبوع ماذا تقيم ؟
Assignments 5.00 4
Final Exam 40.00 14
Midterm Exam (s) 20.00 9
Others (Participations) 5.00
Presentations 5.00 12
Quizzes 10.00 5
Team Work Projects 15.00 12

الوزن النسبى :

Modeling and Simulation


الكتاب المؤلف الناشر

ملاحظات المقرر :

Course Notes are available with all the slides used in lectures in electronic form on Learning Management System (Moodle)

الموقع الالكترونى :

• International Journal of Simulation Modeling and Practice Theory, Elsevier.www.journals.elsevier.com/ Simulation Modeling and Practice Theory/ • Frontline Solver www.solver.com/simulation-tutorial-introduction

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