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A Supporting Tool for Requirements Prioritization Process in Agile Software Development

  • المؤلف :
    Ramadan Moawad
  • مؤلفين مشتركين :
    Khaled AbdElazim Muhammad,Essam Elfakharany
  • جهة النشر :
    Future Computing and Informatics Journal
  • التاريخ :
  • Abstract :
    Requirements engineering is a crucial phase of software engineering, and requirements prioritization is an essential stage of requirements engineering particularly in agile software development. Requirements prioritization goals at eliciting which requirements of software need to be covered in a particular release. The key point is which requirement will be selected in the next iteration and which one will be delayed to other iterations for minimizing risk during development and meeting stakeholders’ needs. There are many existing techniques for requirement prioritization, but most of these techniques do not cover continuous growth, change of requirements, and requirements dependencies. The prioritization techniques need to be more continuous, scalable, implemented easily and integrated with software development life cycle. This paper introduces a supporting tool for a proposed framework to prioritize requirements in agile software development. This framework tries to find solutions for the challenges facing this prioritization process such as how to make this prioritization continuous and scalable and how to deal with rapidly requirement changes and its dependencies. The proposed framework is validated in a real case study using its supporting tool, and the results are promising.
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